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Celebrating a Decade of Flavor: 10th Annual Culinary Kickoff at the Big Game Unveils Stellar Chef Lineup and Hall of Fame Legends for Unforgettable Gastronomic Extravaganza

Join us for a delectable display of fine fare, football legends, and fabulous finds at Culinary Kickoff's 10th Annual Big Game Extravaganza on February 8. Indulge in the ultimate culinary pre-celebration to the big game.

Culinary Kickoff™ is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated 10th Annual Culinary Kickoff™ event, set to take place on Thursday, February 8, 2024, from 7:30 p.m. to 12 a.m. at the prestigious Keep Memory Alive Event Center in Las Vegas. This culinary extravaganza serves as the perfect prelude to the big game, promising an unparalleled experience that merges exquisite cuisine, world-class entertainment, and charitable contributions.

Following the monumental success of the Culinary Kickoff Grand Prix™ hosted at Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas in November, this event is poised to elevate the culinary journey to new heights. A consortium of renowned chefs, including award-winning Chef Michael Mina, will be in attendance at the event with their culinary offerings.

"As an avid football fan, the Culinary Kickoff is one of my favorite events of the year," Chef Michael Mina remarks. "It brings together great chefs, great food, and great athletes, but it's also in support of the V Foundation for Cancer Research and a scholarship fund at The Culinary Institute of America, which is obviously near and dear to my heart."

Renowned chefs who will grace the event with their culinary prowess include:

  • Chef Michael Mina: A highly acclaimed chef known for his innovative culinary techniques and globally inspired cuisine. He has established numerous award-winning restaurants across the globe.
  • Chef Charlie Palmer: Renowned for his modern American cooking style, Palmer is a celebrated chef, restaurateur, and recipient of numerous awards. His culinary ventures embody creativity and sophistication.
  • Chef Adam Sobel: With a passion for bold flavors and creative presentations, Sobel is a rising star in the culinary world. His innovative approach to cuisine has garnered attention and praise.
  • Chef Lasheeda Perry: Known as the "Queen of Flavor," Perry is a talented pastry chef with a penchant for sophisticated and quirky desserts.
  • Elizabeth Blau: An influential figure in the culinary scene, Blau is celebrated for her expertise in restaurant development and her commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences.
  • Chef Kim Canteenwalla: Known for his culinary artistry and dedication to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Canteenwalla crafts dishes that reflect his passion for exquisite flavors.
  • Chef Thomas Bellec: A master of French cuisine, creating exquisite dishes that transport your palate to the heart of France.
  • Chef Antwan Ellis: An experienced talent celebrated for his innovative culinary creations in hospitality.
  • Chef Steve Mannino: With a background rooted in classic techniques and a flair for contemporary cuisine, Mannino's culinary creations exude innovation and finesse.
  • Chef Logan Foos: A chef celebrated for his commitment to sustainability and farm-to-table practices, Foos' culinary creations emphasize fresh, wholesome ingredients and inventive recipes.
  • Chef Alessandro and Chef Heather: Catering chefs and culinary masterminds behind The Sin City Chef.

Each of these chefs brings a unique perspective and skill set to the culinary landscape, contributing to the diverse and exceptional offerings at the Culinary Kickoff™.

"As a founding chef of The Culinary Kickoff, it's an event I look forward to every year. Marrying two of my favorite things --football and food-- it unites some of the world's greatest chefs and legendary athletes in the wine and spirits world," says Chef Charlie Palmer. "Celebrating its 10th anniversary in Las Vegas, this year promises to be one for the books!"

Guests will indulge in an array of delights, complemented by craft cocktails and a dedicated whiskey bar, ensuring a sensory adventure for every palate. As a special highlight, the Hall of Legends Lounge, presented by Charles Woodson, will host fellow esteemed NFL legends, including Marshall Faulk, Warren Moon, Will Blackmon, Emmitt Smith, Shannon Sharpe, Mark Sanchez, renowned sportscaster Sage Steele, and Ken Hamlin, with his premium brand, The Arrival, adding a touch of star power, to the event.

"I am thrilled to take part in this year's Culinary Kickoff alongside such a talented lineup of Hall of Fame legends and renowned chefs. I'm looking forward to a fun night of fantastic food, wine, cocktails, and charitable donations in support of the V Foundation of Cancer Research," shares former football running back Marshall Faulk.

In alignment with Culinary Kickoff™'s commitment to philanthropy, a Silent Auction will be held during the evening, with proceeds benefitting the V Foundation, supporting crucial cancer research initiatives. This endeavor underscores the event's dedication to positively impacting society beyond the culinary realm.

For those with a refined palate, our selection of food and liquor partners is sure to delight. Savor the exceptional offerings from:

  • Intercept Wines and Woodson Whiskey by Charles Woodson
  • John Anthony Family of Wines and Spirits
  • JaM Cellars
  • Jackson Family Wines
  • Silver Oak
  • Sylvie Vineyards
  • El Negocio Tequila
  • Bricoleur Vineyards
  • The Wine MVP by Will Blackmon
  • Le Portier Cognac by Shannon Sharpe
  • Santo Tequila by Guy Fieri and Sammy Hagar
  • Carbonadi Vodka
  • Peroni
  • Petrossian Caviar
  • Westholme
  • Rub Smoke Love by Matt Chatham
  • Melissa's Produce
  • Espresso martinis by All That And A Latte mobile coffee cart.
  • and a delectable dessert assortment from the upscale, black box cookie brand Last Crumb and the luxurious confections brand Lady M, famous for their Signature Mille Crêpes.

As if the culinary delights and star-studded guest list weren't enough, there will also be live entertainment presented by JaM Cellars and surprise guests to keep the excitement going throughout the evening.

For more information about Culinary Kickoff™ and the Delisle Group, please visit their website.

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Culinary Kickoff™ annually convenes the world’s top chef, vintner, celebrity, and athletic stars for a highly anticipated kickoff event filled with food, wine, specialty cocktails, sports, and live music ahead of a global marquee event. It is our passion to entertain and host our guests at the highest level while creating an intimate, fun, and delicious atmosphere…with a purpose! Learn more at www.culinarykickoff.com. For Sponsorship Inquiries, please email [email protected] Follow Culinary Kickoff on Facebook: Culinary Kickoff, Instagram: @culinarykickoff, and Twitter: @culinarykickoff

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