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Learn English Fast Launches New Spanish Edition App for 2024

Angeline Pompei’s app is a wonderful opportunity for Spanish speakers to start the new year and learn written and conversational English through music, bilingual books, and videos.

Angeline Pompei used her experiences as an adult language learner to create her own ESL books and program. Now available as an app, Learn English Fast® edition for Spanish speakers is ideal for Spanish speakers to set a new year’s resolution and pick up English skills using her entire set of bilingual books and course materials.  

“When I tried to learn languages as an adult, I couldn’t find any instruction that provided what I needed,” Angeline Pompei said. “I created Learn English Fast® to share what worked for me, and now my new app allows me to share it with the Spanish-speaking world more easily than ever.”

Learn English Fast® is an interest-based language learning program, designed to allow adults to learn English the way children learn, through lifestyle integration. The program teaches grammar, vocabulary, and conversational English with bilingual books, audiobooks (male and female voice), videos and songs.

The Learn English Fast® Spanish edition app, easily searchable under “Angeline Pompei” on the Apple app store, allows users to access all of the program’s materials, which were previously only available on the Learn English Fast website. 

The Learn English Fast® App vocabulary portion is free to download. When users start the Learn English Fast® program, they can choose the Unlimited option, providing access to all courses, and all Bilingual Audio Book Collections for a yearly fee. 

Angeline Pompei sees the Learn English Fast® program as a vital resource to people in the Spanish-speaking world who seek better economic opportunities for themselves and their families.

Because English is the international language of business, learning the language can open doors for native Spanish speakers to work abroad, online and in their own countries as well. 

“We all want our children to know English, but it’s also important for adults to learn English,” she said. “You can have more job opportunities if you learn English. If you have a business, you can sell products online and offer services to people from other countries. Learning English can help people change the future for themselves and their children, and that is why I want to bring Learn English Fast® to the world.” 

To learn more about Learn English Fast®, visit Angeline Pompei’s website at https://learnenglishfast.com. Her app is available on the Apple store.

About Learn English Fast® 
Angeline Pompei is an entrepreneur and adult language learner. Founder and CEO of Angeline Authentic and Learn English Fast®, she holds TELF certification to teach English internationally as a second language. She is the creator of LearnEnglishFast.com, the home of her Learn English Fast® system of learning English as a second language, which she developed after disappointments with other systems. Angeline holds a degree in aerospace engineering, so naturally, when she saw flaws in current programs for learning English, she decided there was room for improvement. After her own struggles learning languages as an adult, she created Learn English Fast® to help others with the methods that worked for her. Learn English Fast® comprises Angeline's unique series of line-by-line bilingual books for learning languages, including Spanish, French, Italian and Polish. She is most proud of her skincare books, having been a successful entrepreneur in the skincare industry for 18 years. Angeline is also an artist. Her album, “Verbiage,” teaches grammar, vocabulary, and verb conjugation through music. All Learn English Fast® resources are available on Amazon, and her music is on major streaming platforms. Her songbook is available on Amazon and in a free PDF on her website. Angeline is a multi-faceted individual and uses all her experience in order to teach adults English through interest-based learning, bilingual materials, and music.

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