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Mindful Films a Movement for Millenials

Mindful Film is a production company focused on stories of, about, for and written by the millennials.

With timeless stories about a generation fighting a deflating American economy, overstimulating by technology and struggling with self awareness. Mindful Film is a production company focused on stories of, about, for and written by the millennials. Empowering a generation towards hope, prosperity and infinite possibilities. 

“It’s time to step beyond the expectations my generation has been confined to” founder Leigha Monier-Williams offers a unique perspective and style through her up and coming short, Numb. 16 minute drama is set to shoot this Fall ’15. Leigha states "It is about the fleeting moments when lives connect." Following two young adults Nate and Zoey fighting against different odds, when the reality they planned for no longer exists.

Mindful Films is production company at the heart of a pivotal time. With a hotbed of untold stories each rooted from the tales of success and struggles with the millennials. Each filled with the intent to inspire, educate and awaken internationally. The notions of the past are ready to be shed to allow the rise of something bigger then imagined.

To read more about the company and synopsis on Numb visit www.mindfulfilm.com

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