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New JV Formed to Restructure VC-Backed Firms

Odinbrook Global Advisors and Match Point Partners bring expertise to JV

Match Point Partners ("Match Point") and Odinbrook Global Advisors ("Odinbrook") today announced a joint venture to collectively offer restructuring and recapitalization advice to venture capital-backed companies experiencing financial distress. Match Point is a boutique offering financial and operating advisory services to venture-backed companies in the healthcare and technology sectors, and Odinbrook is a boutique firm specializing in restructuring and financial distress. The combined global capabilities of the two firms will allow for better client service through intimate knowledge of these specialized markets.  

Brad Burkett, CEO of Match Point, commented, "We are delighted to work with Odinbrook Global Advisors on these highly complex situations. Our capabilities and clientele in venture-backed companies pair extremely well with Odinbrook's skillset in the distressed arena."  

Steven Strom, Odinbrook's CEO, is eager about the opportunity to provide Match Point's strong base of venture-backed corporate clients with world-class service and advice as they navigate their most significant business and financial challenges. "With recent market changes, many VC-backed companies have less, or no growth capital. Companies faced with a lack of funding can benefit from our combination of strategic, operating, and financial advice to create outcomes that are more favorable than just winding down operations. For VCs and capital providers, an Independent Restructuring Assessment provides valuable insight to understand the likely outcomes, timing, and necessary skillsets if further funds are not available. This Assessment also helps VCs compare outcomes among their various portfolio companies in a capital-scarce environment." 

About Odinbrook Global Advisors

Odinbrook Global Advisors, founded in 2014, is boutique advisory firm specializing in bankruptcy, distressed and special situations. Our team combines independence, creativity, and significant experience with a track record of solving highly complex problems in challenging situations.   Odinbrook's professionals have advised on more than $100 billion of restructurings, mergers, acquisitions, financings, and turnarounds. This experience enables Odinbrook to quickly assess likely outcomes and provide key strategic advice and market insights to capital providers via a new product offering, the Independent Restructuring Assessment. For more information, please visit www.odinbrook.com

About Match Point Partners 

Match Point, founded in 2012, specializes in providing financial, operating, and strategic advice to high-growth companies in the healthcare and technology sectors. Much of Match Point's client base is funded by venture capital investors and other capital providers specializing in growth opportunities. For more information, please visit www.mppartnersllc.com.

Contact Information:
Steven Strom
CEO Odinbrook Global Advisors
[email protected]

Brad Burkett
Managing Partner, Match Point Partners LC
[email protected]

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