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VIEWING CHINA FROM AFAR: Gua Sha & Cupping Captivate the World

Debbie Cheng

AOM Assoc. Director, Five Branches University

Despite the availability of Gua Sha and Cupping tools in shopping malls and boutiques scattered throughout the United States, do you know how to deepen the magnitude of their benefits? Let's follow People's Daily Online West USA, shedding light on these ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine technology.

In the film, eminent Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners in America, esteemed professors from American Chinese medicine universities, TCM university students, and the younger generation unravel the current state of Gua Sha and cupping within the landscape of overseas TCM treatments. 

They discovered that the American people have merely skimmed the surface, grasping only a fraction of the therapeutic potential of Gua Sha and cupping; more benefits still await broader recognition.

Through their firsthand experiences and devoted practices, we will notice that cupping does not only leave marks on the bodies of international athletes. Gua Sha is also not only like social media showcasing the art of facial Gua Sha grace. The benefits of these ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine healing practices remain relatively obscure to the American populace.  

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Original Source: VIEWING CHINA FROM AFAR: Gua Sha & Cupping Captivate the World

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