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2A Commerce Announces Plan to Combat Credit Card Companies Flagging Gun Store Purchases

The Pro-gun Company Announces Visa and Mastercard Payment Alternative

COLUMBIA, Tenn. - September 19, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

2ACommerce.com, the leading custom e-commerce and application development agency, is announcing the development of a cryptocurrency payment gateway that will aptly be named 2AGateway.

The initiative is a direct response to Visa, Mastercard, and American Express' announcement to begin separately categorizing gun store purchases, which 2ACommerce feels will create a path for banks to deny legal purchases of firearms and related products.

The codes will allow card brands to flag and trace the sales of guns and ammunition. Visa and the major card brands function as a middleman between the merchant and the banks, allowing a bank to decide if they will allow their issued cards to make purchases at gun stores. The 2A Gateway will remove the middleman in the transaction, thereby reducing fees associated with traditional card processing.

"It is unconscionable to me how in recent years, political ideology has so profoundly infiltrated business decision-making," said 2A Commerce CEO Greg Tanacea. "The 2A Commerce team is known for our ability to develop advanced custom workflows for our customers with deep integrations between multiple platforms and architectures. We are excited to announce this new initiative to ensure our customers will preserve their ability to conduct legal transactions without fear of being targeted."

Access to cryptocurrencies has significantly improved over the past few years due to major platforms such as CoinBase and Cashapp, making it easy for consumers to convert traditional fiat currencies to crypto. The 2A Gateway initiative will make it easy for retailers to transact both online and at the point of sale using crypto.

While the 2A Gateway is in development, the 2A Commerce team will implement an intermediary crypto solution for all existing customers, allowing them to take crypto payments. Any retailer not built on the 2A Commerce infrastructure which is looking for a crypto alternative is encouraged to contact them for a custom integration.

For more information on 2A Commerce's crypto offerings, visit https://2acommerce.com/2a-commerce-crypto/

Contact Information:
John Crump
Marketing Manager, 2A Commerce
[email protected]

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