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Made in the USA Pooch Paper Emerges as a Disruptor to a $4B US Market

Pooch Paper addresses the health crisis caused in part by single-use plastic dog waste bags, inviting investors from Main Street to Wall Street

Pooch Paper Founder, Tracy Rosensteel

Founder, Tracy Rosensteel and her inspiration named, 'Indiana Jones'

NEW YORK - September 23, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Pooch Paper, a paper alternative to plastic dog waste bags, has launched a crowdfunding capital raise on the Wefunder platform, inviting investors nationwide to participate in mitigating microplastic pollution arising from single-use plastic dog waste bags. 

Climate change, plastic pollution and global warming are concerns which do not require an introduction. Decades of research suggest single-use plastics are among the most dangerous contributors to adverse changes in our environment. Hundreds of millions of microplastic particles enter the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we consume due to additives injected into our "eco-friendly" plastics. Additive injections hasten the breakdown of these plastic bags to meet regulatory requirements, and these "broken down" plastic bags are at the forefront of microplastic pollution.

Studies, such as Consumer Report's How to Eat Less Plastic published in April 2020, indicate that we ingest a credit card-sized amount of plastic each week due to this pollution. Pooch Paper's founder, Tracy Rosensteel, states, "We're here to fix that."

Made in the USA, Pooch Paper is a PFAS-free, non-chlorine bleached paper alternative to single-use plastic dog waste bags (PFAS are highly toxic fluorinated chemicals). In addition to being PFAS-free, Pooch Paper sheets are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and are manufactured using renewable energy.

Tracy continues, "Our company was built on the belief that we can help to save our planet 'one pup at a time.' Our aim is to alleviate pollution created by single-use plastics, particularly created by the over 500 million dog waste bags discarded in landfills across the US each year." Since its inception in 2020, Pooch Paper has grown through online sales and the Pooch Paper affiliate program. It is sold in over 2,000 retail locations across the US and in its retail distribution in Canada, Dubai, South Africa and Japan. 

In 2021, Tracy recognized how timely it was to provide a solution addressing the single-use plastic bag legislation sweeping the nation. Tracy's company encourages municipalities to replace single-use plastic bags in dog parks with Pooch Paper and its outdoor dispensers, thus enabling compliance with single-use plastic bag legislation and related sustainability efforts. 

To learn more about Pooch Paper's timely impact, please visit the Pooch Paper Wefunder page at: https://www.wefunder.com/poochpaper

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