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Process Automation Leader REQUORDIT Announcing Finexio’s CEO Keynote Participation at REQUORDIT SUMMIT & TRAINING EVENT

REQUORDIT enhances its cloud-based solutions, services, and technology offering with Automated Accounts Payable Solutions

REQUORDIT, one of the global leaders in Enterprise Content Management, and Finexio, the fast-growing digital Accounts Payable (AP) payments-as-a-service company, are thrilled to announce the participation of Ernest Rolfson, CEO and Founder of Finexio, as a featured keynote speaker at the upcoming REQUORDIT Summit & Training Event from April 25th to the 27th. 

This remarkable keynote will focus on the economic outlook for 2023 and trends, taking advantage of Ernest's vast expertise in the industry. This collaboration comes as one of many efforts to strengthen and celebrate REQUORDIT & Finexio's strategic partnership that expands REQUORDIT's process automation offerings to include an end-to-end payment solution that simplifies and optimizes business-to-business (B2B) payments.   

Enabled directly by Finexio's B2B payment technology, REQUORDIT has added CloudPAYit to its suite of business maximization solutions. CloudPAYit provides a streamlined AP payment experience, delivering customers a process that includes best-in-class OCR technology to capture documents with accuracy, freedom from manual indexing, automated workflow, and automated payments that will also free customers from time-consuming tasks like having to print checks. This end-to-end solution is a fully integrated, streamlined AP payment experience covering a wide variety of payment types and channels, including ACH, wire, virtual card, and paper checks.  

"Ernest is a thought leader in the payments space and has a vast background. We are very excited to have him speaking at our Summit this year. I am 100% sure it will be a thought-provoking and engaging conversation," says Mark Buckley, CEO of REQUORDIT. 

"REQUORDIT is a wonderful integrated software partner of Finexio that has demonstrated a deep commitment to improving the lives of their customers with powerful, accurate, cost-saving automation," said Ernest Rolfson, CEO and Founder, Finexio. Added Rolfson, "I'm excited to speak at the Summit where I will discuss the developing global macro environment, share thoughts on the economic cycle and its impact on business, and opine on technology and financial opportunities that make sense in the current reality." 

With respect to the payment lifecycle, Finexio's integrated payment solution also offers CloudPAYit customers white glove supplier enablement, fraud and risk detection, payment-specific strategic account relationship management, payment operations and settlement support, and payments and banking data security capabilities. 

About REQUORDIT: Maximize Human Potential Through Process Automation 

REQUORDIT empowers digital transformation by connecting with people, processes, and information. It has 10+ years of experience working as a technology advocate for various industries with a unique focus on the construction industry, providing easy-to-use solutions that increase efficiency via software automation. REQUORDIT offers an extended variety of on-premises and cloud-based solutions, services, and technologies with an emphasis on AP invoice process automation, OCR capture, automated AP payments, document management, business process automation, and records management. Find them at requordit.com and register here for the 2023 REQUORDIT Summit. 

About Finexio 

Finexio is the leading AP payments-as-a-service company focused on providing end-to-end payment capabilities embedded within procurement, AP software platforms, and financial institutions. This embedded electronic payments solution represents a powerful disruption to traditional, disjointed manual-based AP processes. Finexio's modern, efficient service model, robust API, SSO capabilities, and total payment solutions translate to high-margin revenue streams and a strong competitive position for partners. Learn more about Finexio at www.Finexio.com or follow them on LinkedIn

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