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READOUT: Assistant Secretary for International Finance Brent Neiman’s Travel to Ecuador

QUITO – On February 21, Assistant Secretary Brent Neiman visited Quito and met with senior members of President Noboa’s administration, including Presidential Chief of Staff Arturo Felix Wong, Finance Minister Juan Carlos Vega, Monetary Policy and Regulation Board President Tatiana Rodriguez, and Central Bank General Manager Guillermo Avellán.

Assistant Secretary Neiman expressed Treasury’s support for the Ecuadorian people in light of recent security challenges. He welcomed efforts by the authorities to restore fiscal stability and encouraged them to continue to engage productively with international financial institutions to potentially secure new financing. Assistant Secretary Neiman also highlighted the important efforts of Treasury’s Office of Technical Assistance, which has advisors working with Ecuadorian officials and regulators across topics including government finance, banking and financial services, payment systems, and economic crimes.


Official news published at https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/jy2116

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