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InfraWare Announces General Release of ‘Readback’ Deposition Reporting Service & New Accessible Pricing Tiers

The First to Offer Active Reporting

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - October 10, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

InfraWare, Inc., a leading documentation technology and services firm, announced the general release of Readback, their revolutionary deposition court reporting solution, at the Clio Cloud Conference today. The announcement comes with new, lower pricing tiers enabled by recent technology breakthroughs. Readback was the first service to offer what the company described as Active Reporting when it was introduced 12 months ago in an Early Access Program (EAP) to existing clients and others by invitation only. With the general release, Readback is now available to litigators nationwide at three new pricing tiers, subject to rules by jurisdiction.

"We are excited to share this news at one of the largest legal tech conferences of the year as a first-time Visionary sponsor," said InfraWare CEO Nick Mahurin. "With our general release of Readback, we aim to elevate the playing field for all litigators. This will enable more attorneys to better serve their clients while controlling deposition costs." 

Active Reporting means the transcript is produced during proceedings at a pace and quality that supports litigator performance. This speed actually changes how litigators practice. Attorneys can reference the text of a transcript, and interact with it, as the proceeding unfolds. Using Active Reporting, Readback is able to deliver a rough transcript in just one hour following the proceeding and a certified transcript the next business day at low, flat rates. There are no expedited fees. 

Readback's EAP launch was documented in this 2021 press release. Taking careful measures to continuously integrate client feedback into development, planning, and execution, the EAP was maintained longer than originally planned. This allowed for advances in Readback's underlying technology that brought costs down even further to make the service even more accessible. "Information technology costs should decline over time," said Chief Legal Officer Dean Whalen, "but that isn't what litigators have experienced with conventional court reporting. In this year of runaway inflation, this might be the only service they see deflate in price."

The aggressive turnaround times have been very popular with customers. "In fact, many new customers doubt the claim until they experience it," said Director of Active Reporting Kimberly Perla, "and that's why we are announcing a brand promise guarantee. Transcripts in one day, or you don't pay." She further explained that the commitment is to deliver the Active Reporting transcripts by midnight of the next business day.

Building on the success of its flagship product offering, Readback now also offers companion services for more freedom over deliverables at even more accessible pricing. Pricing details are transparently published at low, flat rates here.

Readback was born from the insight and client focus of its predecessor, Catuogno Court Reporting, which served the New England area for over 50 years. That, coupled with the patented AI technology of its parent company, InfraWare, allows Readback to produce high-quality transcripts at breakneck speeds. 

Litigators using the service are extremely pleased with the experience. Readback is described as a "game-changer" by clients who are impressed with the rapid pace with which they receive deliverables, as summarized in a testimonial from James A. Walckner of Walckner Law Office, Springfield, MA. 

"I highly recommend Readback. I received the rough transcript within an hour of the deposition concluding and the certified transcript in just one business day. This allowed me to immediately start to draft my motion for summary judgment while the deposition was fresh in my mind. With this one-day turnaround time, Active Reporting is a game-changer." -James A. Walckner, Esq. 

Additional testimonials are available on the Readback.legal website. Readback has been featured on the Maximum Lawyer Podcast with Tyson Mutrux, Jim Garrity's 10,000 Depositions Later Podcast, and Ari Kaplan's Reinventing Professionals Podcast. In an ABA Journal article, author Nicole Black, Esq., said technology like Readback "...is here to stay and will become commonplace post-pandemic." 

About InfraWare & Readback

Readback is the industry's first AI-assisted deposition reporting platform to offer Active Reporting capabilities. Readback is part of InfraWare, a company focused on enabling the performance of busy professionals by providing technology-assisted content production in highly-regulated environments where repetitive documentation is important but burdensome. Cloud-based SaaS platforms and industry-specific service providers enable physicians, attorneys, and other highly compensated professionals to deliver their most amazing performance. To learn more about Readback, go here.  Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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