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Celebrity Lifestyle Expert Valerie Greenberg Shares Tips for Achieving a ‘New You’ on TipsOnTV

Celebrity Lifestyle Expert Provides Timely Tips for Keeping New Year's Resolutions

Celebrity Lifestyle Expert Shares Tips for a New You in the New Year

Red-Carpet Reporter & Lifestyle Expert Features Ways to Keep Your Resolutions

ATLANTA - January 18, 2023 - (Newswire.com)

2023 is beginning, which means resolutions and a time to start fresh, whether it is finances, family, or health. Celebrity Lifestyle Expert and Red-Carpet host Valerie Greenberg shares tips for 'New Year, New You' inspiration. The founder of "YOU'VE BEEN VALIDATED" has helpful advice for finding better health, happiness and beauty for the New Year.


Start with self-care. Begin the New Year by creating the perfect home spa experience with Earth Kiss and their beautiful range of Kombucha-based facemasks. These are great to use all while relaxing and listening to the Earth Kiss Experience App. Their facemasks achieve a radiant glow because they couple the powerful benefits of Kombucha and Spirulina to provide a real boost for dry, tired, and thirsty skin. Revitalized skin will look radiant, smoother & well moisturized. Available for under $4 at Rite Aid. For more information, visit www.loveearthkiss.com.


The key to a better financial new year is finding a way to grow savings. Consider PayPal Savings provided by Synchrony Bank. PayPal Savings is an amazing tool to incorporate into any savings routine. It optimizes financial wellness to achieve savings goals with a current APY that is 12 times the national average. PayPal Savings makes it easy to set goals for the new year, earn interest and track progress, with no minimum balance or monthly fees. With its auto-save features, set up automatic transfers to help create regular savings habits and reach those goals. Find out more ways to save at PayPal.com.


Improving health and wellness is the biggest challenge for most people, so start the year turning healthy resolutions into lifelong habits with MyFitnessPal, the number one global nutrition and food tracking app. Users will be inspired with 'easy to implement' tips and small daily changes that add up to big improvements. A MyFitnessPal account and the 14-day Jumpstart Your Health Challenge are free. Track food and fitness with MyFitnessPal to reach health goals faster! For more information, visit www.myfitnesspal.com.


Neutral Milk is an amazing product that provides clean nutrition while protecting the planet. Neutral Milk is the country's first carbon-neutral food company. By making it the milk of choice, anyone can do their part to fight climate change. Neutral Milk is organic, coming from pasture-raised cows on small family farms that really love and care for their cows. It is also a nutritious source of protein and vitamins that does not contain oils, fillers, or other unhealthy ingredients. Pick up Neutral Milk at Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods Market. For more information, visit www.eatneutral.com.


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