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Southern Florida Hotspots That’ll Leave You With a Smile

iQuanti: Southern Florida offers some of the most beautiful vacation hotspots in the U.S. From white sand beaches and sprawling wildlife to bustling cities and art deco, there is truly something that everyone can enjoy. If you ask the locals, they all know the hottest hotspots to leave you a smile that'll last. And we're not just talking about a trip to the dentist — Miami Beach and Key West provide stunning scenery from sunrise to sunset, for example. Curious to know what else some of the southernmost points of the U.S. have to offer?

Beach Days

Starting with Miami Beach and Key West, these beach destinations are prime spots for snorkeling and fishing during the day. These places really light up the night, though, each containing several bars, clubs, and venues to fulfill any thrill. Whether you wind up sweating out a hangover, getting rid of tan lines or waking up early for a cool breeze and leisurely stroll coming off the Atlantic, the beach is sure to please.

City Dwelling

For an urban escape, explore downtown Miami or Fort Lauderdale for a spell. Not only do these cities boast amazing restaurants, shopping centers, and museums, they're mosaics of blended communities. With pre-industrious French and Spanish influences, these cities still find ways to be at the head of art and cultural movements by hosting major music, food, and fashion festivals year-round.

Island Hopping

Bring your passport. Day trips to the likes of The Bahamas, Nassau, and even Havana, Cuba, are relatively short boat rides away with all the accessible ports off the coast of Southern Florida. Whether you stay a couple of days or make a single day's trip out of the expedition, visitors can experience soothing ocean views, tropical paradises, and the slightest hint of adventure.

Nature Calls

With over 1.5 million acres of protected terrain, who could forget about the Everglades National Park? This unique wetland ecosystem provides countless opportunities for bird watching, alligator spotting, python wrangling, hunting, fishing, airboat rides, and so much more. The Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico are just as captivating if you can secure a guide with a boat for the day. Just be sure to pack plenty of fluids and be mindful of the weather. In Florida, it helps to remember the adage, "Red skies at night, sailor's delight. Red skies in the morning, sailors take warning."

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