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Election of Professor Sarah H. Cleveland to the International Court of Justice

Congratulations to Professor Sarah Cleveland on her election to serve as a judge on the International Court of Justice (ICJ). United Nations member states clearly endorsed Professor Cleveland’s vision for an ICJ that is judicially independent, preserves the integrity and authority of the Court, and ensures the dignity of all people. As the sixth female judge, and the second American woman ever elected to serve in the Court’s 77-year history, Professor Cleveland’s election also helps rectify the Court’s historic gender imbalance.

The United States values the critical work of the ICJ as the principal judicial organ of the United Nations.  The Court’s contributions to the peaceful settlement of disputes and its work as a guardian of international law has never been more important.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/election-of-professor-sarah-h-cleveland-to-the-international-court-of-justice/

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