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Presidential Debate Fallout. Meritocracy vs. Social Justice. Illarionov, Tabach, Veller.

Presidential Debate Fallout. Meritocracy vs. Social Justice. Illarionov, Tabach, Veller.

There is a lot of pro-Putin bias in the Western world. We aim to dispel this “macho” propaganda and reveal true colors of his regime: murder, intimidation, industrialized kleptocracy and well-funded russian fascism propaganda machines. We were born in Russia, we have lost friends to this murderer… we see how he “zombifies” most and intimidates and beats down the rest. We also know where his weak spots are and what atrocities his regime is committing on a daily basis.

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The outcome of Presidential Debates in the US as seen by USSR expats, Putin’s opposition and Eastern Europe.
Streamed on 2024-06-29

00:00 – Gary Tabakh: “Comrades artillery officers, fire!”
02:35 – Andrei Illarionov: “Debates – four main conclusions and a couple of questions”
09:17 – Gary Tabach: “How can this be done?”
09:23 – Andrei Illarionov: “Two possible candidates – Mike Obama and Gavin Newsom”
12:09 – Gary Tabach: “How did we get to this point?”
14:01 – Mikhail Weller: “The program of socialist destruction of the USA”
39:05 – Gary Tabah: “Could more trouble break out?”
42:31 – Mikhail Weller: “Everyone should take to the streets if needed.”
45:18 – Gary Tabakh: “Total propaganda zombification”
46:15 – Andrei Illarionov: “The battle of civilizations – meritocracy versus idiocracy”
52:16 – Gary Tabach: “Save Western Civilization”

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– English translation #PrivateerStation
– Original interview in Russian: https://youtu.be/t4xMyELESas

Andrey Nikolayevich Illarionov is a Russian economist and former senior policy advisor to Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, from April 2000 to December 2005. Since April 2021, he is a senior fellow at the non-governmental organization Center for Security Policy, which is based out of Washington, D.C. in the United States.

Since leaving his role in the government of the Russian Federation, he’s become a critic of Putin’s administration and particularly its stance on foreign relations (as well as doctrines on energy). For example, in April 2022, Illarionov declared in a news interview that change in the Kremlin would happen “sooner or later” given that “it is absolutely impossible to have any positive future for Russia with the current political regime.


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