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Promoting Accountability for Nicaraguan Officials

Promoting Accountability for Nicaraguan Officials

The Department of State today took steps to impose visa restrictions on over 250 members of the Nicaraguan government, including police and paramilitary personnel, penitentiary officials, prosecutors, judges, and public higher education officials, as well as select non-government actors for their roles in supporting the Ortega-Murillo regime in its attacks on human rights and fundamental freedoms, repression of civil society organizations and profiting off of vulnerable migrants. 

In November 2021, President Biden issued a Presidential Proclamation restricting entry to the United States of those persons responsible for threatening democracy in Nicaragua. Since that time, the United States has taken steps to impose visa restrictions on more than 1,400 Nicaraguan officials, particularly targeting those complicit in human rights violations, and corrupt practices. 

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, Vice President Rosario Murillo, and those under their command continue to unjustly detain those who advocate for a free civil society, religious freedom, and freedom of expression, and enrich their regime through the exploitation of vulnerable migrants.  The United States continues to call upon the international community to ensure accountability for those who undermine democracy in Nicaragua.  We will not waiver in our support for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the Nicaraguan people.

This action was taken pursuant to Presidential Proclamation 10309, which suspends entry into the United States as immigrants and nonimmigrants for members of the Government of Nicaragua and other persons who formulate, implement, and or benefit from policies or actions undermining democratic institutions. 

These actions today complement actions taken by the U.S. Department of Treasury to sanction three Nicaragua-based entities, including a Nicaragua-based Russian training centerwhich helps maintain the cycle of violent oppression in Nicaragua, and two government-affiliated gold companies generating revenue for the Ortega-Murillo regime and the Training Center of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Managua as a key actor in expanding Ortega-Murillo’s repressive police state.

More information alerting airlines, air charter operators, travel agents, and service providers of the ways in which the Ortega-Murillo regime and smugglers are facilitating irregular migration and migrant smuggling and trafficking networks to the United States, as well as information on the importance of preventing the exploitation of these companies ’legitimate transportation services can be found in this Alert for the Aviation and Travel Industries.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/promoting-accountability-for-nicaraguan-officials/

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