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Pugachev’s interview to Gordon on Putin’s Mobilization and inner circle politics. 2022-09-21 pt1

There is a lot of pro-Putin bias in the Western world. We aim to dispel this “macho” propaganda and reveal true colors of his regime: murder, intimidation, industrialized kleptocracy and well-funded russian fascism propaganda machines. We were born in Russia, we have lost friends to this murderer… we see how he “zombifies” most and intimidates and beats down the rest. We also know where his weak spots are and what atrocities his regime is committing on a daily basis.

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Sergey Pugachev told Dmitry Gordon about Putin’s inner circle, how decisions are typically made and what are his expectations regarding announced mobilization.

Fragment of a longer interview to Dmitry Gordon by a banker, politician, billionaire, Sergey Pugachev, who used to be a member of Putin’s inner circle. 2022.
(in Russian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vwcPFWAWZ8&t=0s)

Sergei Viktorovich Pugachev (France): is a Russian investor and former member of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. He is a doctor of technical sciences and a member of the International Engineering Academy as well as the author of three monographs and 40 research papers
: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergei_Pugachev

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