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U.S. Special Envoy on North Korean Human Rights Issues Turner to Travel to the Republic of Korea

The Department is pleased to announce that Special Envoy for North Korea Human Rights, Julie Turner, was sworn in to office on October 13.  Ambassador Turner will travel to Seoul from October 16-18 on her inaugural trip as Special Envoy.  Special Envoy Turner will meet with a wide range of government officials, civil society organizations, North Korean escapees, and journalists to discuss her priorities as Special Envoy, opportunities for joint efforts to promote human rights in North Korea, and ways to facilitate reunions for separated families.

For decades the United States has championed efforts to improve respect for the human rights and dignity of North Koreans, including members of the most marginalized communities, and to promote accountability for the DPRK government’s human rights violations and abuses.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/u-s-special-envoy-on-north-korean-human-rights-issues-turner-to-travel-to-the-republic-of-korea/

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