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Under Secretary Zeya’s Travel to Georgia and Armenia

Under Secretary Zeya’s Travel to Georgia and Armenia

Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Uzra Zeya will travel to Tbilisi, Georgia, and Yerevan, Armenia from July 9-17, 2024, to engage on democratic governance and anti-corruption; media freedom and freedom of expression; and inclusion of marginalized and vulnerable groups.

In Georgia, Under Secretary Zeya will engage representatives of the government, civil society, media, and parliament to underscore the U.S.’s grave concerns over the ‘foreign influence’ law and other illiberal legislation and the harmful rhetoric of the Georgian government, which has placed Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic trajectory at risk.  She will make clear that the government’s undemocratic behavior and disinformation about the United States has damaged our long-standing relationship.  Under Secretary Zeya will also emphasize unwavering U.S. support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Georgian people’s commitment to Euro-Atlantic integration, and assistance to Georgia over 32 years of partnership.  Additionally, she will reiterate the importance of free and fair elections and a vibrant civil society, raise respect for fundamental freedoms, protections for members of marginalized groups, and the human rights of all Georgians.  Under Secretary Zeya will also visit a community organization, founded and led by women displaced by Russia’s continued occupation of Georgia.

In Armenia, Under Secretary Zeya will meet with senior government officials and civil society representatives on strengthening the U.S.-Armenia partnership and advancing Armenia’s democratic gains on rule of law, anti-corruption, and judicial reform.  She will visit the Armenian Genocide Memorial to pay respects to the victims of the 1915 genocide.  Under Secretary Zeya will also engage UN and other international bodies in Armenia supporting members of vulnerable and marginalized groups.  Additionally, the Under Secretary will visit Haghpat Monastery to promote respect for religious freedom and support cultural preservation.

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Official news published at https://www.state.gov/under-secretary-zeyas-travel-to-georgia-and-armenia/

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